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August 23 2013


Your love when you were fifteen

Fifteen-year-old, is a person just to understand what it meant to "like", what is "love" it. 

Fifteen-year-old, is a youthful sun most time. 

Fifteen-year-old, is a person to love the most sincere, dedicated time. 

If you are in fifteen-year-old fell in love with a man when. So, please bear in mind his face, because you may need a lifetime to forget this face. 

Fifteen-year-old you will not understand what is called good match. 

Fifteen-year-old you do not think what is the "potential shares." 

Fifteen-year-old you will not find bread romantic than roses. 

If we say, everyone has dreamed of age. So, each fifteen-year-old man in his dream is happy "child", there is a happy life. 

If you're in love with a fifteen-year-old boy. Then you will certainly exhausted body strength to love, even if only in exchange for half a lifetime memories. 

Fifteen-year-old you, love him, love him no matter the strength, because you do not know what is reality. 

Fifteen-year-old you fall in love with him, that he loved this man, unadulterated, pure and perfect love. 

Fifteen-year-old you fall in love with him, you are on your best enchant a youth and his future. 

Fifteen-year-old you fall in love with him, will be exhausted body strength, desperate love. 

Please bear in mind your fifteen-year-old fell in love with that person. 

You can not forget his doomed life. 

The best time of your life to love her. 

You put the most pure love life dedicated to him. 

You are the most beautiful years with their own to accompany him. 

Are you desperate to love him. 

Please bear in mind your fifteen-year-old fell in love with that person. 

Because she must be your true love. 

Later years, you will understand that you can hardly go simply fall in love with a "man." 

Please bear in mind your fifteen-year-old fell in love with that person 

That is the most pure love ... there is only love that feeling ......

May 13 2013

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what is love exactly?
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love is like a game of cards.
your dealt your hand.and you must play it .
some of us cheat... some of us bluff...
some of us even raise the stakes...
and some of us fold...
not having the guts to believe
they were dealt the best hand.
when they could of "won it all"...
When we got married I told my wife
If you leave me,
I'm going with you.
And she never did.
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